Elliott & Ritch Secures Unanimous Jury Verdict


At Elliott & Ritch, we believe in serving our clients and significantly impacting our community. Here, we want to share one such victory where we achieved justice for a client and encouraged a local store to enhance its safety procedures.

The Incident that Sparked a Fight for Justice

On January 13, 2018, an unjust event unfolded in a local discount store. As our client and a companion attempted to leave the store, they were accused of shoplifting by an employee who, in a bold act of misguided authority, locked them inside. After the pair managed to free themselves, the saga became more harrowing. Another employee fired two shots at them, tragically injuring our client in the leg.

Attorney Joe Ritch from Elliott & Ritch took up the case, exposing that the incident was borne out of clear-cut negligence. The store's lax safety and training policies allowed such an incident to transpire, endangering innocent lives.

A Major Victory: Compensation and a Shift in Corporate Ethos

In the courtroom, we held a mirror to the company's ethos that prioritized profit over people—a company that was already a habitual OSHA safety violator. The jury recognized the grave injustice our client had suffered and unanimously agreed they should be compensated for their injuries.

However, justice didn't stop at financial compensation. The store also pledged to revamp its safety training procedures, creating a safer environment and preventing similar incidents.

Contributing to a Safer Corpus Christi

This victory reaffirms our commitment to the residents of Corpus Christi. But we aren't here to just win cases; we're here to make our community safer, to make sure businesses put people over profit, and to fight for justice when others fall short.

If you, or someone you know, have been injured due to someone else's negligence, don't suffer in silence. Contact us at (361) 733-3003. Let Elliott & Ritch fight for your justice.

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