The Dangers of Air Bag Defects

When driving your vehicle, you assume you are free from impending harm, and the car surrounding you is meant to protect you in the event of a crash. The fact of the matter is, there have been many faulty airbags in vehicles that have been linked to several injuries and at least five fatalities nationwide.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, defective airbags have been responsible for numerous fatalities and injuries in the United States. Airbag systems are designed to protect occupants in the event of a collision. However, some airbag systems do not operate as intended, and if they are defective, they can cause severe injuries. We understand how frightening this situation can be.

Our Corpus Christi airbag defect lawyer discusses the different types of airbag defects one may encounter in the event of a crash caused by faulty airbags and defective vehicle parts.

Failure To Deploy

The most common type of airbag defect is failure to deploy. This can occur for various reasons, including defective sensors, improper wiring, or defective airbag modules. When an airbag fails to deploy during a crash, it can cause the passenger to be thrown from the vehicle and suffer from severe physical trauma such as facial scarring, organ damage, and other catastrophic injuries.

Failure To Inflate

Another type of airbag defect is failure to inflate. This can occur if the airbag inflator is defective, or if there is a problem with the deployment mechanism, or has electronic control unit defects. If an airbag fails to inflate, it will not provide the necessary protection in a collision. This can lead to severe injuries to the occupant's head, chest, and face or even cause fatalities.

Sensor Malfunction

Airbags are designed to deploy when a certain amount of force is detected. However, when an airbag malfunctions due to a faulty sensor, this can lead to the airbag deploying when a crash has not occurred or not deploying at all during an impact. This may result in serious airbag injuries such as trauma from chemicals of the airbag, lacerations and burns, and eye injuries from the impact.

Defective airbag cases can be complex, especially when determining who can be held liable for the damages. We understand how frightening this situation can be; it's crucial to speak with an experienced product liability attorney to hold negligent companies accountable.

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